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Дубровский Борис

Boris Dubrovsky

Governor of Chelyabinsk Region (from January 2014 to March 2019)
Russian Investment Forum 2019
National Champions Pitch Session
The motivation for companies to become National Champions is clearly there. <…> We are carefully following the work done by the Russian Ministry of Economic Development and have taken the decision <…> to launch our own Regional Champions project from 2019. We are proceeding from the belief that these companies could potentially become National Champions <…> and perhaps – and this is our dream – global champions
SPIEF 2018
In India, a number of major infrastructure projects is being developed, in which we would like to participate. We’ve already drafted our batch of proposals. We must solve a number of logistical tasks for the sake of comprehensive trade relations. It is necessary to arrange direct flights from Delhi, as well as to open a consular representation of the Republic of India in Chelyabinsk, servicing the entire Ural Federal District. That will trigger business activity and increase mutual tourist traffic
SPIEF 2018
The Next Stage of the SCO Business Agenda
The foreign trade turnover of Chelyabinsk Region is more than 7 billion US dollars, 75% of which is with the SCO countries
SPIEF 2018
The Next Stage of the SCO Business Agenda
We are bidding to host SCO 2020. We passed the first stage: we are hosting SCO and BRICS Forum in Chelyabinsk, and are already setting up a work group to get ready for this event. The to-do list and its scale are enormous. One of the tasks is to improve the environment conditions in Chelyabinsk