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Дубнов Олег

Oleg Dubnov

Vice President, Executive Director, Cluster of Energy Efficient Technologies, Skolkovo Foundation
International Arctic Forum 2019
Small Business, Big Potential
The Arctic is a crucial market for our companies [residents of the Skolkovo Foundation, – Ed.]. <...> Of the 470 companies from [energy efficient technologies, – Ed.] cluster, more than 100 are companies targeting the oil and gas sector
Russian Energy Week 2018
The Digitalization of Energy: from Local Solutions to Transforming the Industry
We began to focus on creating a platform for creating large R&D IT centres. In order to do this, we not only changed our regulatory framework, introduced new terminology and therefore made it possible to do this, we also connected our Skoltech to this
Russian Energy Week 2018
EnergyNet: The Reboot
Including companies like RusHydro and Rosenergoatom in the work of EnergyNet will positively affect its work. Colleagues won’t just be looking at how to internally balance or compensate for changes, but how to use new technologies, technologies of the future, to solve the issues in integrated projects