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Дроздов Антон

Anton Drozdov

Chairman of the Board, Pension Fund of the Russian Federation
Born on 4 October 1964 in Moscow. 1986: graduated from Moscow Institute of Finance as an economist. 1986: started working as an economist in the Office of financing Social Security of the USSR Ministry of Finance.1987: economist for the Office of Financing Health and Welfare of the USSR Ministry of Finance.1988: worked as senior economist in Division of funding for Social Development the Ministry of Finance. 1988 – 1989: served in the Soviet Army.1989: held various posts in the Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.1994: appointed Deputy Head of the General Office of the Federal Treasury, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation.July 1999 - July 2008: worked for the Government of the Russian Federation.17 July 2008: appointed Chairman of the Management Board of the Pension Fund of the Russian Federation. Awarded the Order of Honour with the title of “Honoured economist of the RF”. Married with a daughter and a son.