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Oksana Demianenko

Oksana Demianenko

Director, Skolkovo International Gymnasium
Graduated from the School of Foreign Languages at Pskov State Pedagogical University named after S.M. Kirov with a major in English and German teaching. In 1998, took a professional retraining course in Social Management at Moscow Higher School of Social and Economic Studies of the Governmental Academy of National Economy; she also got a master’s at the University of Manchester.

Started her professional career as an English teacher. Worked for state-run and private companies, and business projects. In 2000–2001, Assistant Deputy Minister of Education at the Russian Ministry of Education. For 12 years since 2001, took a managerial position at the largest educational publishing house Prosveshcheniye.

In 2013, she was in charge of preparations of the IB diploma programme.

2014–2016 – Director of the state-run culture and leisure centre Akademichesky in Moscow.

Since April 2016 – Headmistress of the International Gymnasium of the Skolkovo Innovation Centre.

Co-founder of the charity foundation that helps families raising children with special needs ‘The Art of Being Close’.