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Чуйченко Константин
Konstantin Chuychenko
Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation – Chief of the Government Staff
SPIEF 2019
‘Regulatory Guillotine’: A New Look at Old Requirements
I think, the term ‘regulatory guillotine’ does not fully and accurately describe what we do. Our goal is not to destroy the bad old, but to create the good new. And this good new should be of use for people, for those inspected. Our goal is to find balance between serving interests of society through respecting guarantees, rights, and legal interests of people and common sensible, optimal, reasonable monitoring and supervision activities, because we don’t want to kill business and want to provide normal conditions not only for business, but for all those inspected
RIF 2019
Reform of Regulation and Oversight: New Directions
Only those requirements that are really aimed at eliminating and neutralizing risks affecting the public interest should be the object of verification
RIF 2019
Reform of Regulation and Oversight: New Directions
The improvement of regulation and oversight must take place in two ways: in substantive and procedural legal respects. All the issues that regulate the substantive aspect must be taken from the law ‘On Regulation and Oversight’, thus introducing a clear separation of substantive and procedural law