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Chilcote Ryan

Chilcote Ryan

TV Host, Special Correspondent, PBS NewsHour

Ryan Chilcote is an award-winning international correspondent, broadcaster, film maker, moderator and speaker with more than two decades of experience in journalism and a broad and diverse background in business and general news.

Chilcote has delivered thousands of reports from around the world, hundreds of interviews and over twenty television documentaries, including the «Ryan’s Russia» series of twelve documentaries. In his 23 years as a journalist, Chilcote has also covered some of the world’s biggest business, economic and political stories. Based in London, Chilcote works as a moderator and independent broadcaster and collaborates with some of the United States’ leading news organisations, including PBS NewsHour.

Previously, Chilcote spent 9 years as a Correspondent and Presenter at Bloomberg TV and 12 years at CNN where he worked as an International Correspondent based in Moscow. Ryan Chilcote has worked as a moderator and host in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, the United States, Russia, Kazakhstan, the United Arab Emirates and South Africa. Chilcote has moderated at the World Economic Forums in Davos and Cape Town, the New York Stock Exchange, the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum, as well at numerous banking conferences and universities.

Ryan is a fluent Russian speaker and presents in English and Russian. Ryan has moderated discussions on topics as diverse as Brexit, a country or region’s investment climate, the economy, monetary policy, the banking sector, fintech, the oil and gas market and industry, collaboration between governments and multilateral organizations and how media organizations make editorial decisions.