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Ilya Chekh

Ilya Chekh

Founder, General Director, Motorica
In 2013 graduated from the St. Petersburg National Research University of Information Technologies, Mechanics and Optics. BA and MA (with honors) in "Mechatronics and Robotics."

Scope and professional achievements: robotics and biomechanics (bionics). Within two years (during master studying) has worked as a design engineer at an machinery plant. Designed and launched a line (about 60 models) of the infeed transporters. After graduating from the University organized a team of engineers and programmers to implement developments in the field of robotics and biomechanics. In early 2014 the company was transformed into WEAS Robotics Group working in different fields of robotics. Participated in the creation of the first private moon-rover with team "Selenokhod." As part of the same company, from October 2013 to January 2014 was engaged in development of space-based approach systems. Member of the first Russian team «Mars Russia», participant of the Mars Desert Research Station program. The purpose of the program - the two week isolation on the «Martian base» which acts as a training base for the astronauts located in Utah, USA. In the carriage was the chief engineer.

Since August 2013 «Express-prosthetics» project leader which aim is to develop affordable multifunctional prosthetic limb. In February this year the project has grown into the company "Motorica". In July, the company opened a private laboratory for the research at the prosthetics and medical robotics fields. In addition to the project activity is engaged in the development of the field of biomechanics in Russia. Inspirer of the first Russian team – participant in the first international championship «Cybathlon» for people with disabilities using high-tech rehabilitation devices which will be held in Zurich, October 8, 2016