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Чачин Михаил

Mikhail Chachin

Vice President, Sberbank
Michail Chacin, senior managing Director — Director of Department on work with regional clients in the public sector.
Michail was born in 1968. He graduated from all-Union financial-economic Institute with a degree in «Finance and credit». In 2000 he has finished the Academy of national economy under the government of the Russian Federation with a degree in «management». In 2012 he has successfully held a training program for the development of senior executives in London Business School.
Michail works in Sberbank since 1996, he has gone from Deputy Director of the credit Department of the Tula head office, Director of sales and service to corporate clients and small businesses clients of Srednerussky Bank, Deputy Chairman of the Srednerussky Bank Manager of the head office of the Moscow region to Senior managing Director-Director of Department on work with regional clients in the public sector.
He has experience managing corporate and retail business over 20 years. He responsible for interaction and development of relations with regional Executive authorities and industry ministries, financial bodies of subjects of the Russian Federation and municipalities, development corporations, industry funds, public enterprises and institutions.
Michail is married and has two sons.