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Andrei Bystritsky

Andrei Bystritsky

Chairman of the Board, Foundation for the Development and Support of the Valdai Discussion Club
Professor; Dean of the Faculty Communications, Media and Design at the National Research University – Higher School of Economics.
PhD (Candidate of Sciences) – education (1989).
Previous positions: research officer at the Academy of Pedagogical Sciences (1985–1991); since 1991 – in the media industry: head of the audience research department of the All-Russia State Television and Radio Company (RTR), author and host of a number of radio and television programs; head of the Society department at Itogi magazine (1996–1997); deputy of director general in charge of information at the TV-Center television company (1997–1998); producer for the BBC Russian service (1998–1999); co-chairman of the organizing committee for the Unofficial Moscow festival and a member of the editorial board for the Moscow Alternative newspaper (1999); chairman at the Mayak State Radio Broadcasting Company (1999); director general of the Vesti State Television Company (2000); deputy director general of RTR and the chairman of the Council of the Heads of Government and Public Television and Radio Organizations of the CIS countries (2000–2008); member of the Board of Directors and the vice-president of international broadcasting company Euronews (2000–2013); editor-in-chief of the monthly humanitarian magazine Apologia (2005-2007); chairperson of the Voice of Russia State Radio Company (2008–2013).
Research interests: problems of the modernization of the Russian society, the current social and political situation, informal youth associations, the psychology of personal development, etc.
Selected publications: author of two books – The youth’s subcultures and Russia’s intelligentsia during the time of collapse of the Soviet system (1991), of many articles published in different newspapers and magazines.
Awards: Order of Merit.