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Peter Burman

Peter Burman

President for Corporate Language Learning Solutions, EF Education First
Peter Burman is global President of EF Education First’s B2B business.

EF is the world’s largest privately held education company, with 50,000 employees across 116 countries, educating and training millions of students worldwide every year. In his leadership role, Peter is responsible for the firm’s client impact, the development of its people and its business performance and growth.

Peter has over 20 years of international experience gained from a variety of cross-functional leadership roles in private education companies, including at EF and My Academy, a start-up which became Sweden’s leading home tutoring company.

He has worked all over the world, including Chile, USA, South Africa, Spain, and his home country, Sweden; a journey that has helped form his passion and belief in international learning and the importance of educating the new ‘global citizen’.

In his current role at EF, Peter works annually with 3000 of the world’s largest organizations to drive transformational, people-focused change. In particular, EF works with business leaders to provide firm-wide, scalable training on some of their most critical skill gaps, including language and communication.

Peter has been a regular contributor to Forbes and Harvard Business Review and has appeared on international news broadcasts, including the BBC. He has featured as guest speaker on a number of panels and conferences.

Peter is also active in the non-profit sector in the UK and in Sweden, providing pro bono board support for the Swedish school in London as well as on the Swedish Chamber of Commerce.

A former professional golfer, Peter currently lives in London with his wife and three children.