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Jesper Brodin

Jesper Brodin

President, Chief Executive Officer, Ingka Group
Place and year of birth

Gothenburg, Sweden, 1968

Work experience

1995 - Purchase manager in Pakistan, IKEA Group

1997 - Regional Purchase manager South East Asia, IKEA Group

1999 - Assistant to Ingvar Kamprad and Anders Dahlvig, CEO

at the time, IKEA Group

2002 - Business Area Manager Kitchen and Dining, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group

2008 - Regional Purchase Manager China, IKEA Group

2011 - IKEA Supply Manager, IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group

2013 - IKEA Range & Supply Manager, MD IKEA of Sweden, IKEA Group

2016 - IKEA Range & Supply Manager, MD IKEA of Sweden, Inter IKEA Group

Academic background

Master of Science, Industrial Engineering, Chalmers University of Technology, Gothenburg, Sweden, 1994

Jesper is married to Lena and they have three kids. His passion is music and the sea.