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Alexander  Brechalov

Alexander Brechalov

Head of the Udmurt Republic
Russian Investment Forum 2019
National infrastructure priorities for 2024: defining them quickly, implementing them effectively
We do not stop at the classical form of concessions; we come up with our own mechanisms. One of those solutions is a partnership with Rosatom Corporation. We raised 11 times more money to the city road fund than was annually allocated, which gave a significant impetus to economic growth. Now we have a city where 100% of roads comply with standards. When it comes to infrastructure, we invest all the released money into potential areas of economic growth
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Smart City: From Theory to Practice
“The problem areas that force us to revise our approach to implementing the Smart City project are the long-term crisis of trust among residents, business, and government, the budget deficit <...> and analysis of the requirements of different social groups for the long-term development of the city,”
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Towards Life Expectancy of 80 Years in Russia: Challenges and Solutions
Investments in sports infrastructure, in healthy lifestyle campaigns is simply profitable in the mid-term
EEF 2018
Active Ageing. Time for New Opportunities
Tools to support the elderly are secondary. First of all, you have to convince yourself that you can lead an active lifestyle at the age of 70+
EEF 2018
PPP in Sports: New Opportunities for Investors
I think that everyone from the regional to the federal level needs to spend money and man-hours on marketing and promoting our Russian and local start-ups
SPIEF 2018
Smart Environments: A New Level of Urban Development
Communication with people, especially with urbanists, with creative people, with crazy people, with dreamers is extremely important. <...> People feel their ownership of the changes that are taking place. Well, besides this they bring something really constructive