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David  Brawn

David Brawn

Chief Risk Officer, ALFA-BANK

Although, by education, an engineer, David now has more than 30 years of experience in the banking industry in Europe, North America and, for the past 7 years, in Russia. In 1987, David joined Bankers Trust Company in London, working first in the IT department and then as a member of the quantitative analytics team which built derivative pricing models for the bank. In 1990, he moved to Canada where he took charge of the Equity Derivatives business. Until 2005, David worked as a Trader/Trading Manager/Risk Manager in a number of US and European investment banks. From 2005 until the end of 2007, he worked as a regulator in the UK specializing in Market Risk and, subsequently as a senior supervisor of Investment Banks in London. Returning to the industry in 2008, he took responsibility for rebuilding the Independent Price Verification team in Merrill Lynch, globally and then, in 2009, joined VTB Capital, in London as CRO. In 2011, David moved to Moscow with his then role of Global COO of VTB Capital where, following the creation of the Corporate-Investment Bank, he took on the role of Group CRO of VTB Bank. In 2013, David joined Alfa Bank as CRO — in which role he continues to work.