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Timofei Bordachev

Timofei Bordachev

Director, Centre for Comprehensive European and International Studies, National Research University Higher School of Economics; Programme Director, The Valdai Discussion Club
EEF 2019
The Asian Mirror: The Pivot East through the Eyes of Asian Partners
When we say ‘pivot East’, the most important part for us is that it is about Russia. It is the country’s development, the development of Russia’s most important region – the Far East, attracting foreign partners to the region that are the most important objectives. This pivot East is not happening for geopolitical, but for practical reasons
EEF 2018
Toward the Great Ocean – 6: People, History, Ideology, Education. Rediscovering the Identity
There are three great powers of colossal size in the Greater Eurasia: China, India and Russia. Unlike transatlantic relations, where there are the huge USA and a bunch of small allies, our situation is different, so we'll have to reach an agreement. Russia, with its historical and diplomatic experience, acts as this negotiator, balancer <...> that is, the one who can bring everyone together
EEF 2018
The New Asian Geopolitics and Political Economy: Opportunities for Russia
Growth of economic and political importance of Asian countries, both major ones, like India and China, and smaller ones <…> is changing the whole geopolitical map of the world. Today the Asian region is becoming not only the workshop, the smithery, where most goods for global markets are produced, but also a source of ideas, investments and political influence