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Tembinkosi Bonakele

Tembinkosi Bonakele

Commissioner, Competition Commission of South Africa
SPIEF 2019
A Substantive Dialogue Between Global Pharmaceutical Players and BRICS Economies on the Rules of Fair and Equitable Competition
The two multinationals involved [in an unfair pricing case] – GSK and PI – settled with us on the terms that they would allow manufacturers to sub-license local manufacturers to produce these [HIV] drugs in South Africa, not just for the South African market, but for the regional market. <...> In the immediate aftermath of the settlement – within three years – we saw a price drop of over 50%. We also saw a significant increase in the purchasing of these drugs by the state. <...> With the intervention, we saw life expectancy improving in South Africa by an average of about 10 year, from about 51 to somewhere about 61 for HIV-AIDS-affected people. <...> We have seen a lot of babies being born HIV-AIDS-free, being born by HIV-positive parents