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Igor  Bogachev

Igor Bogachev

Deputy Chairman, Committee on International Cooperation; Chairman, Subcommittee on Digital Economy and Innovation, Russian Union of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs (RSPP)
Russia- Africa Economic Forum 2019
Digitalization in the Mining Industry: New Opportunities, Robots, Artificial Intelligence
Mining industry is a significant part of both Russia’s and Africa’s economy. In particular, extracting minerals in Africa – this continent has 30% of the world’s minerals
SPIEF 2019
We launched a Russian digitalization initiative. <…> We held 10 events. We made big and medium-sized companies interact and exchange experience. I do not think there are any small business representatives from either Russia or Germany here, but those companies would have liked to find partners. We have not yet learned to create prerequisites for those companies to learn about each other. This is the task we need to resolve together
SPIEF 2019
Digitalization is not a dialogue between majors [companies, – Ed.] but rather a dialogue between medium-sized and small. <…> What small companies are creating in terms of AI has not yet been created by big ones – it has not been created by no one, for that matter
SPIEF 2018
Artificial Intelligence Enters the Real Economy
Chips, sensors have become much cheaper due to the consolidation of the industry and due to growing demands. Against this background, the amount of data generated by various devices grows constantly <…> and most importantly machine learning technologies are catching up with it