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Блэквэлл Том
Thomas Blackwell
Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder, EM
SPIEF 2019
The ESG Race for USD 30 Trillion of Investment is on
Our topic is related to investment, to money. We all know about the Russian discount [the undervaluation of Russian assets, – Ed.]. All Russian companies suffer to some extent from this
Russia House in Davos 2019
Russia – One Step Ahead
Yesterday, a Russian journalist from RIA Novosti came up to Tim Cook, the head of Apple, and asked him about his thoughts on Yandex.Phone. He said, ‘I have not heard about Yandex.Phone.’ I believe, very soon he will hear about Yandex.Phone and not only that
Russia House in Davos 2019
Russia – One Step Ahead
It was about three years ago in Davos, when suddenly everyone started talking about digital disruption, transformation, the fourth industrial revolution, even the CEOs of industrial companies began to say those things. That was somewhat unexpected. I think they did it because their PR people and their IR people made them say that. But, nevertheless, it has now become an integral part of the agenda
Russia House in Davos 2019
Russia – One Step Ahead
We all know Russia as a country rich in natural resources, oil and gas – everyone understands that. But perhaps not everyone in the world understands that technology plays such a big role in the country as well
SPIEF 2018
The Russian Capital Market on the Threshold of a New Era
Earlier, under high oil prices there were businesses that were just growing on their own. Now nothing happens by itself, and one must be a good entrepreneur to develop their business. <...> Obuv Rossii did an IPO at Moscow Stock Exchange last year, which is a perfect example. Anton Titov is the person, who created this business with his own hands in Novosibirsk, and now it’s federal level brand. <...> I can see that although not all of them go through an IPO, these businesses exist, and their number and the number of entrepreneurs are growing. When it is possible, I think the next pipeline IPO will be a pipeline of higher quality, more interesting and talented businesses that will slightly improve the reputation of the market and give bigger opportunities to investors