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Бертон Бруно

Bruno Berthon

Managing Director, Accenture
Bruno Berthon is the Managing Director Europe, Africa and Latin America for Accenture Strategy and Global Managing Director Digital Strategy. His experience spans across all domains of Strategy from Corporate Strategy and M&A, operating models and shared services, IT strategy, data platforms and policies, digital customer to IoT and new business models. Previously he ran the Accenture Strategy practice in France, Belgium, Luxembourg and Netherlands.

He also created and led the Sustainability practice of Accenture from 2007 to 2014. Bruno’s expertise lies in his capacity to support enterprises and multinational organisations in the face of major disruptions — external growth, M&A, globalisation, technological and digital revolutions, new operating models, sustainability — across industrial sectors and to transform them into opportunities by accompanying his clients in their transformation journey.

Bruno has been working for more than 22 years with the top management of multinational organisations and administrations in sectors ranging from Utilities, CG&S, Retail, hi-tech and media, the industrial sector to address the specific challenges of globalisation, operating model changes, internet and digital, and the transformations resulting from Sustainability and ESR trends. In particular Bruno works or has worked for clients like Engie, Michelin, Lafarge, ALU, Disney, Danone on topics ranging from Digital Transformation, Performance and Valuation, Innovation, PMI, Value Chain transformation, Culture and Employee Value proposition. He also led or supported Smart Cities programs for Cities or Utilities. He represents Accenture at the World Economic Forum in Davos on the topics of climate change and digital transformation, supported also the United Nations SE4All program and WBCSD initiatives.

He published multiple articles and blogs and participated to multiple events from the UNGC to the COP21. Bruno is member of the SAP Sustainability Advisory Board. Bruno lives in Paris. He is married, father of three boys. He graduated from the Ecole Centrale Paris, has an MBA from INSEAD, a Master of Macroeconomics from La Sorbonne and a degree in Law. Bruno is also an active Business Angel and investor, a blogger @BFB61 with a focus on Digital and Sustainability and a Football coach.