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Jan Berkmans

Jan Berkmans

President, Global Help to Heal Inc
Jan Berkmans is a Rwandan born graduate of the People’s Friendship University of Russia. He is certified with the College of Pastoral Supervision and Psychotherapy, USA in pastoral care and spiritual counseling. He is the founder and president of a charitable NGO, Global Help to Heal, Inc. (GHH) which strives to bring faith, hope and healing to those hurting morally, spiritually, physically and economically. Rev. Berkmans started GHH work in Rwanda in 2007 partnering with a local church - ADEPR to improve quality of life and bring social transformation. Since 2014, in collaboration with the Rwandan Ministry of Emergency Management he has been providing child protection and early childhood education to 2-3-year old children in Kiziba Refugee Camp. He is now partnering with the Ministry of Education to expand access to three years of early learning, increase access to basic education and promote technical vocational education and training for young adults. Rev. Berkmans’s motto is “true aid is enabling one to become self-sufficient”.