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Берхан Блиаммар Аннэтт

Annette Berkhahn Blyhammar

Senior Advisor Energy & Utilities, Arthur D. Little Stockholm
SPIEF 2018
Energy for Europe: A Reliable Partnership
The proposed amendment is surprising in many ways, above all because it is proposed under the flag of an objective to increase competition in the European gas market. I am saying it’s surprising, because all observers I have come across agree that the European gas market, which has been liberalized, is working very well, and improving all the time, thanks to the good measures taken already by the European Commission and Parliament in deregulating it. <...> The amendment proposes taking the four principles of liberalization, third-party access, unbundling, and transparency and tarification to the import pipelines – not all the import pipelines, but just those which enter the union by sea. <...> These four principles will not change anything. They won’t increase competition, since third-party access has no impact when you’re dealing with third-party countries that themselves have export monopolies