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Dmitriy Berdnikov

Dmitriy Berdnikov

Mayor of Irkutsk
Dmitry BERDNIKOV, Mayor of Irkutsk

Born in 1966 in Angarsk.

In 1983, graduated from high school №38.

In 1983, entered Irkutsk Polytechnic Institute, School of Special construction works specializing in Heat and Gas Supply and Ventilation. In 1988, gained qualification of engineer-constructor.

In 2018, awarded with Letter of Merit from the President of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin.

Professional experience:

1988-1991: Vostoksantechmontazh Group, foreman, general foreman, chief engineer.

1991-1993: Baikalinterplast Plant of Vostoksantechmontazh Group, Director.

1993-1994: Limited Liability Partnership Baikalinvestplast, Director General. 1994-1998: Baikalinvest Trade House, Deputy Director, Director General.

1998-2002: Baikalinvest-Shchit Ltd, Deputy Director.

2002-2003: Baikalinvest Trade House Ltd, Deputy Director.

2003-2005: Gran-Inform Ltd, Deputy Director.

2005-2007: Gran-Inform-Service Ltd, Deputy Director.

2007-2012: Interline Ltd, Deputy Director.

2012-2014: Ladoga Business Centre, Deputy Director on Economics and Finance.

2014-2015: Chairman of the 6th Irkutsk City Duma.

Since 2015: Mayor of Irkutsk.