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Boris Belyaev

Boris Belyaev

Head, Kumertau City District Administration
Born on August 3, 1976 in Kumertau (Bashkortostan).
In 1998 Boris Belyaev graduated from Ufa State Aviation Institute, majoring in Process Automation. In 2001 he graduated form Bashkir State Agricultural University, majoring in Economics and Managing Agricultural Business.
In 2016 Boris Belyaev completed a retraining program on development projects for single-industry cities in Skolkovo Moscow School of Management. Boris Belyaev started his career in 1999 at Kuyurgaza Spirirt and Liquor Factory in Ermolaevo as a lawyer. Later he held positions of Chief Legal Counsellor and Deputy CEO for Economic Security.
In 2002 Mr. Belyaev was appointed the Head of Kumertau City Post Office. In December 2009 he was appointed First Deputy of Kumertau Mayor. Starting from September 2010 Boris Belyaev holds the position of the Mayor of Kumertau.
In 2005 and 2008 he was elected a Deputy of Kumertau City Council. Starting from 2005 Mr. Belyaev is the Secretary of the United Russia Party’s local division.
Boris Belyaev is a recipient of multiple awards. Married with three children.