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Alexey Baytalyuk

Alexey Baytalyuk

Deputy Director and Head of the Pacific Branch, Russian Federal Research Institute of Fisheries and Oceanography (VNIRO)
EEF 2019
Developing Aquaculture: Initial Results and New Objectives
As of this year, <...> we have commissioned an innovation-led R&D centre for mariculture on Popov Island. First of all, it will enable us to implement developments which already exist. We will be able to adapt existing global experience, including from China, to our conditions. <...> Of course, the main goal of this centre is to develop new measures, new methodologies. An accompanying goal – but not less important for it – is the establishment of a school or a process for training people who will work in aquaculture. <...> In fact, the centre on Popov Island is a connective part or a fulcrum of an aquaculture system which we are currently building, and which is now in its second year