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Батлер Рансохофф Джон Эдвард

John Edward Butler Ransohoff

Vice President, Head of Strategic Projects for Innovations and International Partnerships Direction, Bayer AG
SPIEF 2019
Partnership and knowledge-sharing: new sources to drive development
We started a programme two years ago called Collaborated Russia. <…> It involves cooperation with the largest research centre in Russia, and that is knowledge sharing. We hope that that innovation will be patented in Russia and we will have a chance to be the first to secure the licence. The other programme is called ‘Patents Power’ which we do together with the Skolkovo Foundation
SPIEF 2018
Pitch Session for Startups: New Areas of Growth for Business and Government
We do not limit ourselves to the digital sphere in the search for young interesting partners. We also talk about the Russian scientific community. We have programmes not just for digital start-ups, but for start-ups in pharmaceuticals. <...> We have a cooperation programme with Moscow, with Russia, we first chose three companies, not even companies, three groups