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Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

Mohammad Sanusi Barkindo

Secretary General, Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC)
Russian Energy Week 2018
Presentation of the OPEC World Oil Outlook 2018
In the future, oil will remain a key element – the predominant element – in the structure of energy consumption, and this industry will continue to grow rapidly
Russian Energy Week 2018
Ministerial Meeting "The Effectiveness of Energy Regulation: General Approaches and Divergence between Countries"
In the future, the challenges in our industry will be interconnected. We are battling our current challenges on a daily basis
SPIEF 2018
Transformations in the Energy Sector
We have now achieved a new phase in the development of our organization, especially in the partnership with non-OPEC countries. <…> There is no doubt that not only OPEC members, but also other countries commit to agreements. Two days ago we could see that all participants confirmed their commitment to these agreements, which is a high level of commitment