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Авакян Вардан

Vardan Avakyan

Head of the ‘Smart Block’ Working Group; General Director, Moslift

1985 - High School Grade Honoured Degree

1993 - Honoured Degree in Medicine, First State Moscow Medical University I.M. Sechenova

1997 - Ph.D. in Medicine, First State Moscow Medical University I.M. Sechenova

2007 - Diploma in World Economy, Diplomatic Academy of the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry

2009 - Professional Degree in Lift Design, Installation and Maintenance, Moscow State Construction University

2012 - Executive Program, Stanford University Graduate School of Business, USA


2005 – 2015 Chairman of Board of Directors OTIS Eastern Europe Group

Chief Operations Officer, OTIS Eastern Europe

Chief Executive Officer, Otis Russia, CIS & Baltic Countries

Vice-President UTC Building Industrial Systems Eastern Europe

2015 – 2016 Chairman, Board Director of Russian Aquaculture

2017 – present Managing Director of MOSLIFT


2007 - Appreciation of the Governor of the Moscow Region

2011- Russian Federation Presidential Certificate of Honour

2012 - Title of Honoured Worker Housing in Russian Federation