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Аспе Ален

Alain Aspect

Physicist, Specialist in Quantum Optics, Theory of Hidden Parameters and Quantum Entanglement
Alain Aspect is a french physicist and professor in such institutes as Ecole Polytechnique (École Polytechnique) and Institute of optics (Institut d’optique Graduate School). He is a member of the five Academy of Sciences including French and Austrian.

Professor Aspect designed some experiments where he is touching the key issues of quantum physics. In his work various phenomena which radically distinguish laws of physics from the usual laws of classic world were researched. For the first time Alain’s experiments of quantum entanglement demonstrated that Quantum mechanics predictions have probabilistic nature on the fundamental level and can not be explained by any unknown (hide) parameters. That question was a subject of discussion between Albert Einstein and Niels Bohr. Therefore experiments have shown that phenomenon of quantum entanglement and the related quantum mechanical phenomena can not be explained from the point of classical concepts. There are exotic quantum states of matter, which arise at temperatures close to absolute zero in professor Aspect work. In Aspect’s experiments Anderson localization was shown appearing in a wide class of physical systems in the presence of a random potential.

Alain Aspect has variety of awards in Physics including the Gold Medal of CNRS (2005), the Gold Medal of Niels Bohr (2013), the Albert Einstein Medal (2013), the Ives Medal Optical Society of America (2013) and others.