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Artur  Parfenchikov

Artur Parfenchikov

Head of the Republic of Karelia
International Arctic Forum 2019
Talking Barents: Prospects and Formats for Cooperation
Environmental protection is a problem that has no borders, given our vicinity and fragility of northern nature. We have realized a range of projects in power and waste management, but the most global project that was finished in 2017 was aimed at protection of the Lake Onega waters
International Arctic Forum 2019
National Projects in the Russian Arctic: Implementation Mechanisms
Reconstruction of White Sea–Baltic Canal and creation of specialized cargo fleet are required. <…> I think that it might significantly enhance the interest in the Northern Sea Route
Russian Investment Forum 2019
How to Develop Tourism: Changing the Way Investment Decisions in the Sector are Made
The aviation cluster is where we are losing to our Finnish neighbours
Russian Investment Forum 2019
Exporting Agricultural Output: The Regional Agenda
Karelia is faced with the task of expanding its sales markets for fish products, as our region is one of the leading producers in this area. As things stand, European countries are among the main partners we supply products to. However, we see major potential in Asia, and have begun working with China. There are also opportunities to work with the Arab world. We need to increase production volumes, which will mean setting up production of live caviar and fish feeds. That is why supporting and developing breeding centres are crucial for the immediate future
EEF 2018
Roundtable for Russian and Chinese Regional Leaders
One of the projects currently being implemented is the construction of a marine wind power plant on the territory of the Republic. The total expected investment in the project stands at 9 billion roubles