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Artashes Sivkov

Artashes Sivkov

Executive Vice President for Corporate Business Development, PJSC VimpelCom
Artashes Sivkov. Executive Vice-President for Corporate Development Member of the Management Board
VympelKom, PJSC. Artashes Sivkov started his career in 2003 at Webasto’s office in Russia as a corporate development manager, later moving to the position of Sales Director.

2006: joined TNT Express Worldwide CIS as their Sales Director and was in charge of their corporate development in Russia. From September 2007: Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer in AlfaInsurance — Life. November 2009 to April 2012: Deputy CEO and Member of the Management Board at ROSNO Insurance Company. After ROSNO Insurance Company was transformed into Alians Insurance Company, he continued his work as Deputy Chairman of the Management Board, Deputy CEO and Chief Commercial Officer.

November 2015: joined VympelKom PJSC as Executive Vice-President for Corporate Development.Educational background:
Alumnus of the Russian State University of Physical Education (teacher training) and the Russian University of Economics (Economics). Mr. Sivkov has a CSc in Philosophy.

Additional information:
As a member of the Steering Committee and Head of the Distribution Development Group of the Russian Insurers’ Union, Artashes Sivkov coauthored the strategy for the insurance market development up to 2020. He took active part in implementing the insurance market reform when insurance market supervision was transferred to the Central Bank of the Russian Federation.