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Sergey Aramilev

Sergey Aramilev

General Director, Amur Tiger Centre Autonomous Non-Profit Organization
Born on 11 March 1983 in Kirov. In 2005, graduated fr om the Academy of Environmental Studies, Marine Biology and Biotechnology at the Far Eastern State University. In 2008, received a PhD in Biological Sciences majoring in Zoology in Biology-and-Soil Institute of the Far East Branch of the Russian Academy of Science.

2003-2013: worked as Leading Coordinator of the programme on biodiversity of the Amur Branch of the WWF of Russia, wh ere he supervised programmes on preserving Amur tiger and Far Eastern leopard.

In 2013, headed the Far Eastern branch of the Autonomous Non-Commercial Organization ‘Centre for Research and Preservation of Amur Tiger Population’ created by Russian Geographical Society to coordinate the implementation of ‘Strategy on Preserving Amur Tiger in the Russian Federation’. Since 2017, he has been Director General of the organization.

Decorated with the Certificate of Merit for contribution to environmental activity by the President of the Russian Federation.

Co-author of ‘The Strategy on Preserving Amur Tiger Population in the Russian Federation’ approved by order № 25-р of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Environment of the Russian Federation of 2 July 2010.

Member of the national committee of the Russian Federation on Conservation Assured Tiger Standards (CATS) certification and Public Expert Council on environmental safety, environment preservation and reproduction of biological resources in Primorye Territory.