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Горленко Андрей
Andrey Gorlenko
Executive Administrator, Russian Arbitration Centre at the Russian Institute of Modern Arbitration
EEF 2018
The Far East as a Financial and Offshore Centre
We can see that attractiveness of jurisdictions from the arbitration point of view relies on the approach of the state courts – how ‘pro-arbitration’ these courts are. It is very good that amendments, among others concerning arbitration, were made to the first package of laws on SADs and that they now include special provisions that, first, suggest a possibility of reaching arbitration agreement, and referring the disputes to the arbitration court from the agreements signed by the residents with the management company. Any disputes related to such agreements may be considered not only at the state court, but also in arbitration proceedings, if that is more appropriate for the investor. Second, resolutions on such disputes within SADs may be executed at a state court under simplified procedure within 14 days without hearings. This is the most advanced instrument