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Purnima Anand

Purnima Anand

President, BRICS International Forum
President, BRICS International Forum – Networking among BRICS (+) countries to associate Indian Public Organizations with BRICS (+) Countries.

Working on research issues. Her main role is building relations with the diplomatic sector and state governments for ‘Vision for Future’.

Honorary President of International Federation of Indo-Russian Youth Clubs (IFIRYC) at the Russian Centre of Science and Culture to target the programme to develop the spiritual and moral culture of the younger generation of Russia and India.

Working for Global Go-Green Mission project, to inspire, educate, and empower young minds through Art & Nature Camps.

Working to bring socio-political-economical understanding to bear on larger issues among the younger generation, developing strong networks and leadership for innovative startup entrepreneurship in the digital era.

Managing Director, BRICS International Consultancy Pvt. Ltd., Consultancy to share experiences of business developments among partners, various organizations and specialists among BRICS (+) nations.