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Альвера Марко

Marco Alvera

Chief Executive Officer, Snam SPA
SPIEF 2019
The Impact of the Natural Gas Engine on the Economy and Climate
At the car expo in Geneva no one is talking about natural gas
SPIEF 2019
The Impact of the Natural Gas Engine on the Economy and Climate
In Italy the situation is pretty good. We have an agreement with Fiat that Snam is going to build gas stations, while Fiat is going to produce [gas-fueled, – Ed.] cars. Now there are 1,300 gas stations in Italy. 1.2 million vehicles, or 5% of all cars, run on gas
SPIEF 2019
New opportunities are created. This is about the export of Italian technologies. Snam produces methane compressors for vehicles. Russia’s petroleum production could generate 50 billion euros per year. A million cars are running on methane in Italy. It replaces gasoline. In Russia, gas costs about one USD, compared to USD 18 in Italy. It is a great opportunity for Russia and Italy, which can build enterprises here in cooperation with small and medium-sized businesses. As for hydrocarbons, Russia and Italy together can work on new sources of renewable energy
SPIEF 2018
Gas as an Effective Tool for Achieving the Environmental Targets of the Global Economy
Machines operating on CNG [compressed natural gas] are much more efficient than gasoline ones. And the exhaust is very clean. Yes, there is carbon dioxide, but without particles. Absolutely clean exhausts, and in fact it is much cheaper