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Alexander Saurin

Alexander Saurin

Chief Executive Officer, Krasnaya Polyana
Born October 15, 1967 in Ilyinsky, Sakhalin Region. 1985: joined the Army. 1994: graduated from the Law Faculty of Kuban State University and joined the Territorial State Tax Inspectorate No. 2 in Krasnodar as a tax inspector.
1999-2005: member of Krasnodar Local Bar. 2005: Head of the Legal Department of the Sochi Administration.
May 2007: Deputy Mayor of Sochi. 2008: joined Olymstroy State Corporation as Vice-President and Managing Director for Sochi. 2009: Deputy Governor of the Krasnodar Territory. In this position he was in charge of the preparations for the Winter Olympics in Sochi. October 21, 2015: released from this position owing to changes in the organizational structure. Alexander Saurin is a CSc in Law.