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Dirk Ahlborn

Dirk Ahlborn

Chief Executive Officer, of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
Dirk Ahlborn is a German-born entrepreneur. In the 1990s he founded several companies in the alternative energy and interior design sphere. He co-founded and became CEO of Jumpstarter in 2013, the company that developed the crowdsourcing platform JumpStartFund in El Segundo, California. He is also the CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies, a project initiated and incubated using JumpstartFund’s crowd collaboration process.

Dirk Ahlborn is known worldwide for his outside-the- box approach to giving paradigm-shifting businesses life, leveraging the full power of crowd-collaboration, the Internet, and exponential technologies at the vanguard of the global sharing economy. Dirk Ahlborn’s two decades as a serial entrepreneur serve him well as CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies. As CEO and Founder of JumpStarter, Inc., a California-based, crowd-powered online business incubator.

Mr. Ahlborn used JumpStartFund’s crowdfunding and crowd collaboration platform to greatest effect in co-founding HyperloopTT, considered to be the largest and most successful crowd-sourced startup in history.