non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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аль-Тавади Хасан
Hassan Al Thawadi
Secretary General, Supreme Committee for Delivery and Legacy for 2022 FIFA World Cup
SPIEF 2019
Business in National Development Projects: Ways to Succeed
We are currently creating centres, hubs, and incubators for small and medium businesses, <...> especially service providers, to serve the World Cup [World Cup 2022, – Ed.] so that for them it would be an opportunity to set up a sustainable foundation and enter the international market
SPIEF 2019
Football and the Big City
We seriously developed our infrastructure – transport, subway, information technologies – all it was modernized. These projects were part of the plan to develop our country, but thanks to the World Cup they sped up. <…> If you use such events right, they can transform your society, your economy, your country. <…> A system for cooling down the stadiums [was created, – Ed.] Now we are getting it adjusted to outside spaces