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Акар Марван
Marwan Aqar
General Director, MSD Pharmaceuticals; Managing Director, MSD Russia, Belarus and Kazakhstan
SPIEF 2019
A Substantive Dialogue Between Global Pharmaceutical Players and BRICS Economies on the Rules of Fair and Equitable Competition
What we ned to do more and more is show the value of our innovation – show that this is not a cost, this is an investment. In many cases, we can do those calculations through health economics, so we welcome further collaboration in this space as well
RIF 2019
Healthy Life Expectancy: The Foundation of Social Development
Many companies are now vaccinating their employees. Vaccines aren’t only for children now, but are also for adults, and even for old people. Our vaccinations are available, and you can always get them. This has a positive effect on the epidemiological situation in the country
Healthy Life Forum: Towards 80+ 2019
Infectious Diseases: How to Meet the UN Sustainable Development Goals by 2030?
Vaccination is the best way of prevention. Many countries now are adopting what is called life-course vaccination,