non-financial development institution
major organizer of congress and exhibition events
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Sustainable Development
State Strategic Planning
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Малофеев Константин
Konstantin Malofeev
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, International Agency for Sovereign Development (IASD)
Фитуни Леонид
Leonid Fituni
Deputy Director for Research; Director, Centre for Global and Strategic Studies, Institute for African Studies, Russian Academy of Sciences
Богданов Михаил
Mikhail Bogdanov
Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation; Special Presidential Representative for the Middle East and Africa
Гомес Пауло
Paulo Gomes
Co-Founder, New African Capital Partners; Chairman, Paulo Gomes and Partners
Глазьев Сергей
Sergei Glazyev
Adviser to the President of the Russian Federation
Батили Самба
Samba Bathily
Founder, Africa Development Solutions (ADS); Co-Founder, Chief Executive Officer, Solektra International
Otto Bitjoka
President, Unione delle Comunita Africane d’Italia
Зубайру Самайла
Samaila Zubairu
President, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Finance Corporation (AFC)