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Climate Change
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Исмаилов Рашид
Rashid Ismailov
Head of the Working Group on Ecology, Expert Council under the Government of the Russian Federation; Head, Russian Ecology Society
Гончар Наталия
Natalia Gonchar
Vice President for Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) at Russian Copper Company
Лут Оксана
Oksana Luth
Deputy Minister of Agriculture of the Russian Federation
Тарасенко Елена
Elena Tarasenko
Deputy Chairperson of the National Commission on Women, Family and Demographic Policy attached to the President of the Republic of Kazakhstan
Радченко Светлана
Svetlana Radchenko
State Secretary, Deputy Minister of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation
Липина Светлана
Svetlana Lipina
Lead Researcher at VATV-SOPS under the Ministry of Economic Development and Russian Academy of Sciences, Director of the Innovative Economy Center
Vanda Gagiano
Honorary President of the Free State Women’s Agricultural Union, Republic of South Africa
Olga Fomicheva
State Budget Professional Education Institution Vorobyevy Gory, Science Dialog Center, Professor at the International Institute of Advanced Studies in Systems Theory and Cybernetics, Candidate of Philosophy
Dasha Longley-Sinitsyna
Director, Longley Mining Consultants, Member of the Geological Society of Australia, Australia; Lecturer of the School of Business, MGIMO University
Patricia Collins
CEO and Operations Manager of Associated Country Women of the World, United Kingdom
Olga Khromushina
Chair of the Committee on Social and Demographic Policy of the Legislative of Assembly of Orenburg Region, Chair of the Women’s Union of Russia in the Orenburg Region
Крисько Виктория
Victoria Krisko
Managing Director, FOODBANK RUS