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Healthcare for People. What Will Be Done?
6 September 2017

The sociological surveys indicate that healthcare issues are a primary cause of concern among residents of the Russian Far East. Many indicators in this area are worse than the Russian average. The healthcare gap between the region and neighbouring countries is greater still. In order to respond to this challenge, the healthcare system of the Russian Far East must make primary healthcare equally accessible to the urban and rural population, attract a qualified medical workforce, implement innovative methods for organizing primary care and the prevention and treatment of diseases, and create a new healthcare infrastructure. This will require a special government approach to planning healthcare development in the Russian Far East. What are the priorities for healthcare development in the Russian Far East in order to achieve the goals of increasing the population and life expectancy of the region? In what areas could the Russian Far East become a driver of innovative development in Russian healthcare? In what ways is healthcare cooperation with neighbouring countries currently developing? What is the Russian Ministry of Healthcare doing to ensure advanced healthcare development in the Russian Far East?

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