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The Challenges of the Digital Economy: The Role of Sociocultural Factors and Infrastructure in Business Growth
27 February 2017
The digital economy is developing rapidly throughout the world, and is becoming an important factor in increasing a country’s competitiveness. In his address to the Russian Federal Assembly, President Vladimir Putin emphasized the key role played by digital technology in innovative national development, and proposed that the country «launch a large-scale, systemic economic development programme for the next generation of technology.»
In order to implement this objective effectively, it is essential to take full account of both the opportunities afforded by technological progress and the inherent potential risks. In the new digital economy, growth is determined by the speed of technological development, but can only be secured by people. In this context, it is important to devote special attention to creating an environment for people, on the success or failure of whom the evolution of technology will depend. Staff training, the quality of healthcare, education, food consumption, access to the Internet — these and a number of other social aspects of the investment climate will play an ever greater role in the immediate future.
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