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Second BRICS public-private dialogue Women and the Economy
21 September 2018
(with the support of the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation)

The topic of women and the economy is a new area of focus in cooperation between the BRICS nations. It entails the development of international projects to support female leadership and entrepreneurship. Attendees will include government and business representatives, and members of the expert community from the BRICS nations. The discussion will focus on creating the conditions needed to increase women’s economic participation, international initiatives offering the potential to develop women’s business projects, and ways for companies headed by women to overcome barriers when entering the international market.

Topics for discussion:
  • The WTO’s declaration on broadening the rights and opportunities of women in trade: new prospects.
  • Barriers encountered by female entrepreneurs from the BRICS economies during export and import.
  • Women in the creation of global value chains and ecommerce.
Started at
Conference hall
Assembly Hall, Parliamentary Centre
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