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All-Russian Conference on Preparations by Electric Power Organizations for the Autumn/Winter Period 2017–2018
6 October 2017
Speakers and experts
Alexander Novak
Minister of Energy of the Russian Federation
Pavel Livinsky
Chairman of the Management Board, PAO Rosseti
Elena Panina
Deputy in the State Duma of the Russian Federation; President, National Research Institute for Economic Strategy; Chairperson, Moscow Confederation of Industrialists and Entrepreneurs
Boris Ayuyev
Chairman of the Board, System Operator of the United Power System
Pavel Zavalny
Chairman of the Committee on Energy, The State Duma of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation; President, Russian Gas Society
Maksim Bystrov
Chairman of the Board, Association "NP Market Council"
Timur Lipatov
Chief Executive Officer, Power Machines
Roman Shulginov
Vice President for Service Platform, Rostelecom
Arkadiy Zamoskovny
General Director, Association of Electric Energy Employers
Maksim Balashov
Director for Natural Monopolies, RUSAL
Alexandra Panina
Chairman of the Supervisory Board, Council of Power Producers