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Getting Into The Hundred Best: How Russian Universities Are Boosting Their Competitiveness On The World Stage
14 February 2019
In 2013, Project 5-100 was launched in accordance with the President of the Russian Federation’s Executive Order ‘On Implementing State Policy in Science and Education’. The project’s objective is to modernize higher education in Russia and integrate leading Russian universities into the international high-quality educational services market. Participating universities face a series of ambitious goals: to modernize their educational programmes in line with international standards, to attract and develop the right staff, to put in place conditions that will enable them to engage in groundbreaking research, to establish collaborative relationships with international educational organizations, and to improve the attractiveness of education to Russian and foreign students. How can universities implement such significant changes in a way that harmoniously combines their accumulated academic heritage with best international practices?
• What results is Project 5-100 expected to have achieved by 2020?
• What initiatives/transformations have already been implemented in Project 5-100 participating universities to improve the quality of Russian education? What difficulties are educational institutions encountering in relation to the project?
• What plans have been put in place to support and scale-up successful results achieved by the project?
• What role in improving the competitiveness of Russian education might be played by major manufacturers and businesses?
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