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Pathways for the Medicine of the Future: Who Will Treat People in 30 Years’ Time?
24 May 2018

Modern medicine is undergoing dramatic changes with discoveries in genomics, new bio- and nanotechnologies, and artificial intelligence fundamentally changing the methods for diagnosing and treating human diseases. It is expected that doctors will learn to predict epidemiological trends in entire countries as well as at the individual level. Moreover, new techniques for predicting and preventing diseases, and for fighting hereditary diseases by reprogramming the genome and growing new human organs are being developed. How can these discoveries be delivered to the masses and what kind of healthcare system can we expect in 30 years? Who will treat patients: computers or people? What is happening behind closed doors of scientific laboratories? What diseases will mankind conquer, and what new threats will it face? What will be the life expectancy of humans? Who in the country will be responsible for developing medicine in the future? What is the composition of the global market in the medical industry today, and what role can Russia play in the future?

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