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The Smart City – A New Quality of Life
15 February 2018
The modern city is changing the lives of its inhabitants, creating an atmosphere in which they can develop and realize their creative and intellectual potential. People today don’t just choose a flat somewhere, they look for an environment that interests them and where they feel comfortable living — from their home, to their block, to their entire neighbourhood. Quality of life has become a factor in property prices and the demand for particular areas. Cities have been joined in the competition for human capital by entire countries, with population mobility and the speed of relocation presenting a serious challenge for all developed nations.
How is the quality of an urban environment evaluated by officials, business, and people themselves? How can the most important aspects be identified and attention focused on them? What is social space within the landscape of the contemporary megacity, and where is the boundary between the responsibilities of business and the consumer? How is the introduction of modern technology into the municipal economy influencing the economic and social potential of regions?
Russian Investment Forum
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