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Smart Energy: Balancing Demand with Capacity. New Projects
7 September 2017

The major revolutionary breakthroughs of the last 300 years have been possible thanks to the discovery of new kinds of fuel. Starting with hydropower during the industrial revolution, it was then the turn of hydrocarbon-based fuels: coal, oil, and gas — and now the world awaits the full arrival of renewable energy sources. But today the development of IT and technology is creating colossal opportunities for optimizing how we use energy and increasing energy efficiency — and it’s entirely possible that the results could amount to a new energy revolution. What is the present demand from the world economy for new energy technologies? What impact will big data, machine learning and other ‘smart’ technologies have on this highly traditional sector of the economy? Could the Russian Far East become a ‘smart’ energy hub for the Asia-Pacific region? What would be needed in order to achieve this, and what is the realistic potential of Russia’s Far East taking into consideration its numerous competitive neighbours who are already engaging actively with the smart energy era?

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