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Fashion as a driver of light industry in the Russian regions
1 June 2017

Fashion today is an innovative force that is helping several Russian regions to develop a creative economy and is contributing to the competitiveness of national light industry. Responding to shifting consumption models, the fashion sector has been at the forefront of introducing new materials and online services, and the advent of digital design and new production technologies has created fertile ground for disruptive startups enabling future growth. Having demonstrated domestic success, firms can seek international recognition and boost the country’s non-commodity exports. Can fashion become a driver for a creative economy, and what is its global potential? What steps should be taken to make Russian light industry competitive in a digital economy? How are Russian fashion firms adapting to changes in consumption models to maintain competitiveness in the global fashion sector? What should be done to help light industry develop innovative production technologies, and can the Russian fashion sector become a leader in this rapidly changing environment?

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