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The Digital Agenda as a Factor in Increasing the Competitiveness of the EAEU
24 May 2018

The World Bank estimates that by implementing a joint digital agenda by 2025 the combined GDP of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU) could add up to 1% in growth annually, create 8 million new jobs, and bring USD 50 billion in savings to businesses. These and other multiplier effects could be the result of EAEU countries joining forces in joint digital projects, as well as coordinating actions and approaches for government policies in developing the digital economy. A key milestone would be the creation of ‘one’s own centre of strength’ in a single economic space — a centre to accelerate innovation, attract investment and highly qualified staff, and promote globally competitive production. How can we ensure that such a centre of excellence is established? Construction of proprietary, competitive Eurasian digital assets — primarily digital platforms — and equitable digital partnerships are some of the possible solutions. The formation of these assets will lay the groundwork for mutually beneficial cooperation with regional and global players, and will help augment expertise and attract and maintain consumers in the EAEU digital space. What could become a driver of improved EAEU competitiveness in the global economy? What are the preconditions for building a competitive environment in the EAEU for Eurasian digital ecosystems? How can integration with the global digital space and expansion of international cooperation in a transforming economy be balanced with maintaining digital sovereignty? What areas of common interest can be identified between interregional and global digital economy initiatives and the plan for the digital transformation of the EAEU?

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