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The digital economy. The mobile economy. The information economy
3 June 2017

This time the traditional Saturday IT Breakfast will be dedicated to the topic of developing the Russian digital economy, its mobile components, and the economy of data. Representatives of several industries (Internet, software development, telecoms, media, IT) and the government will share their experience of collaboration and discuss worldwide and Russian digital transformation trends and digital economy development forecasts. They will also talk over the influence of the mobile economy/technology/services on the digital economy and traditional sectors of the Russian economy, including the results of the Russian Mobile Economy survey and the mobile component’s contribution to the Russian economy. What areas of digitalization can develop at an accelerated pace in Russia? Let us try and dip into the future, into ‘tomorrow’ and, more importantly, ‘the day after tomorrow’. What is the potential for the economy of data? Is it capable of becoming ‘new blood’ for the Russian economy? What hidden reserves does the mobile economy offer? What should we focus on in the first place in order to ensure a successful digital transformation of the Russian economy?

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